Bothered by your wrinkled neck? Our master aesthetician has solutions for you.

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Are you concerned about your chin to chest?

Taking proper care of your skin doesn’t stop at your jawline.  If you are concerned about crepey neck skin, lines, sagging jowls or uneven pigmentation on the décolleté, there are products and treatments that can help and improve those areas.

The most uniformly hated feature in people over 40s is the neck.  The skin on the neck is thin with very few oil glands and lacks hair follicles which provide structural support, so it starts to age earlier than the face for a lot of people.  Plus, the neck is always in motion, which adds to the creation of more lines and wrinkles.

Another area of concern is the décolleté.  For many women, this is an area that is almost always exposed to the sun.  Uneven texture, sun damage, and fine lines and wrinkles can be very unpleasant and unsightly.  

But there is hope with today's, retinols and cosmeceuticals and, when combined with our advanced skin treatments, you can have a youthful looking neck and chest just in time for the warm weather.

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