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what is Cosmetic Ear Surgery?

Whether you're a child, a teenager, or an adult, protruding ears can lead to a number of issues regarding your self-confidence.  Also, enlarged or torn earlobe piercings and aged earlobes that are stretched or wrinkled may be bothersome to oneself.  For this reason, DeRosa Center for Facial Aesthetics offers otoplasty, earlobe repair, and a number of other forms of ear surgery, as well as non-surgical earlobe rejuvenation, which are able to correct the size, position, and/or shape of the ears. Dr. Jamie DeRosa and the rest of our experienced team in Boston, MA, have countless years of experience utilizing these procedures in order to help our patients feel significantly better about the appearance of their ears. Contact us today if these insecurities have been plaguing you or a family member to discover if ear surgery may be beneficial for your needs.

What are the benefits of getting cosmetic ear surgery?

No matter their age, here at DeRosa Center for Plastic Surgery and Med Spa, our patients benefit from a number of advantages that this procedure provides, including:

  • A safe, low-risk procedure with high degrees of success
  • Results that are permanent and typically do not require further attention
  • A natural, subtle way to improve your appearance
  • Increased satisfaction with your features and self-confidence

what are the types of ear surgery?

If your earlobes are torn or damaged due to stretched-out piercings or gauges, earlobe repair can help restore a more normal appearance.  Non-surgical treatments, such as HA filler injections into the earlobes can also help to restore lost volume for those whose earrings are no longer sitting appropriately, which can happen as one ages and the ear piercing hole stretches.  For earlobes that are naturally enlarged, our team is skilled to reduce the size of the earlobes so patients can attain a more subtle and symmetrical look.  Additionally, otoplasty can be performed to pin ears back that may be protruding more than normal. During your consultation at DeRosa Center for Facial Aesthetics, be candid about your specific concerns so we can create a treatment plan that addresses your needs.

who can get cosmetic ear surgery?

Our staff recommends ear surgery for anyone at least six years of age who is unhappy with the present appearance of their ears. This could be due to their size, shape, position, or any other number of factors. Exactly which procedure is best for you will vary depending on your specific needs and goals. We can discuss this with you in detail during your initial consultation.

how does ear surgery work?

Ear pinning surgery (known as otoplasty) is performed using either general or IV sedation. Typically, the incision will be made either behind the ear or within the inner ear. Then, the cartilage within the ear will be repositioned and reshaped to create a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. In a lot of cases, we will treat both ears to ensure they are completely symmetrical. The ears also may be pinned back in order to prevent them from protruding outwards. At this point, Dr. DeRosa will close the incisions and bandage the ears to ensure they are protected.  Earlobe repair can be done with local anesthesia in the office setting.  

What Can I Expect After Ear Surgery?

This is an outpatient procedure, meaning patients are free to return home once they have woken up from the surgery. Before you leave, our staff will provide you with detailed instructions on how to care for the treated area while it recovers. One of the most important of these rules is to refrain from touching the ears themselves. We also ask for patients to avoid lying on the ears. Because of this, patients will need to sleep upright for at least a few days to allow the ears to properly heal. About a week after the surgery, you'll return to our office for a follow-up so we can monitor your results and recovery. Patients usually notice results immediately, though they will continue to progress throughout the coming weeks as the ears heal.

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cosmetic ear surgery faq

How much does ear surgery cost?
The cost of ear surgery will depend on whether ear pinning, shaping, earlobe repair, or a combination of these are being performed. Once we understand your concerns and goals, we will create your treatment plan and determine the costs. In order to help our patients find the budget for this procedure, DeRosa Center for Facial Aesthetics offers many payment methods, and we will help you find low-interest financing.

Will the results of ear surgery last?
Usually, the ears grow faster than other areas of the body and face, which is why an otoplasty can be performed on younger patients with long-term results. One of our doctors will examine the ears and then talk to you about what to expect, including how long the outcomes should last. Even as the face and body can change due to age and gravity, the impact on the ears will probably be minimal.

Do I need to have both ears done or just one?
Most problems, such as ears that are too big or stick out, occur in both ears, which means both will need to be corrected. During the surgery, one of our doctors will adjust both ears to make them as equal as possible. However, if just one ear needs to be altered, the size and shape will be altered to match the untreated ear. When we create your surgical plan, we will discuss if one or both ears should be reshaped.

What about fixing stretched or torn earlobes?
The trendiness of large earrings and ear gauges is making earlobe reconstruction a popular operation at DeRosa Center Facial Plastic Surgery & Med Spa. For patients considering earlobe repair or reconstruction, schedule a consultation with one of our expert doctors. We will examine the damage and let you know your treatment options.

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Restore your confidence by receiving ear surgery at DeRosa Center for Facial Aesthetics. Our expert staff is led by Dr. Jaimie DeRosa, one of the foremost experts in the field of plastic surgery in all of Boston, MA. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for otoplasty, earlobe reconstruction, or any of our other forms of ear surgery.

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