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What is a Lesion Removal?

There are quite a few different types of lesions, including moles, skin tags, keratosis, and warts. Sometimes skin lesions can be raised and create a bump either on or below the skin's surface and cause discoloration or texture. While most skin lesions are medically harmless and can be left alone, you might elect to have them treated for aesthetic purposes to alleviate the fear of future health concerns, such as skin irritation or cancer. At DeRosa Center for Facial Plastic Surgery & Med Spa in Boston, MA, our team offers lesion removal using a variety of removal techniques, including excision, laser, and shaving. During your consultation, our team will examine your skin condition and the condition of the lesion to determine what approach best fits your situation.

What are the benefits of lesion removal?

At DeRosa Center Facial Aesthetics, we understand how difficult or undesirable different lesions and imperfections of the complexion can be. These regions could also, sometimes, carry some anxiety and potential trauma to your general wellness. Removing these lesions at our Boston, MA office may offer numerous benefits, like:

  • Speedy, office-based treatment
  • Reduces discomfort in affected areas
  • Undermines the risk of malignant tumor or cancerous growth
  • Promotes satisfaction with visible look

Who is a candidate?

Lesion removal is a simple procedure, ideal for both men and women who have one or more moles, warts, skin tags, or keratoses. It can be performed for both cosmetic and medical reasons. The best candidates for this procedure typically:

  • Are dealing with chronic skin irritation
  • Feel embarrassed by or self-conscious of their lesions
  • Desire to rid themselves of one or more skin lesions
  • Have a skin lesion in a prominent body area that is difficult to conceal, such as the chin, cheeks, hands, or nose
  • Are concerned their lesion(s) may pose potential health risks

How is a Lesion Removal performed?

Removing lesions is a simple procedure performed with a local anesthetic in our minor procedure room. The technique or method for your specific lesion(s) will be dependent on the size, location, and depth of the lesion. Certain lesions can be removed easily with an easy shaving procedure or laser treatment using our GentleMaxPro laser, while others may require excision. The removal method that is the most ideal for your skin will be decided during your initial consultation. Along with a carefully chosen approach, our providers will do their best to minimize scarring and promote rapid healing.

What can I expect after Lesion Removal?

After your lesion removal, you can expect the treatment area to feel sensitive and uncomfortable. These symptoms are normal and usually subside within a few days. Anti-inflammatory medication can be used to minimize discomfort. If your removal required sutures or stitches, you should be careful to not disturb the stitches and follow all post-treatment instructions as given by your provider. Usually, the area can be expected to scab over and heal within 2-3 weeks from the procedure with proper aftercare.

Lesion Removal FAQ

What counts as a skin lesion?
You may recognize skin lesions as abnormal growths or bumps, different to the healthy skin around them. Primary skin lesions are present from birth. Secondary lesions may form later in life as a result of irritation or disease.

What are different kinds of skin lesions?
There are three types of skin lesions. Plaques are larger than 10mm across and are raised or indented when compared to the skin surface. Macules are flat lesions, typically smaller than 10mm in diameter. Papules are elevated lesions and feel like small bumps when you run your fingers across them.

What do skin lesions look like?
You will recognize skin lesions as standing out from the rest of the skin. Lesions may be colored differently, or create patches and irregular texture to the rest of the skin. It may be indented or raised, or appear as a sore, depression, or discolorated area.

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Unsightly lesions often cause insecurity or anxiety as well as irritation. At DeRosa Center for Facial Plastic Surgery & Med Spa's Boston, MA location, we can help restore your skin's appearance with a quick and simple skin lesion removal procedure. Contact our office today to arrange an initial consultation with our team to learn more about lesion removal for your specific concerns. At your consultation, our team will discuss all of your options to help you determine which lesion removal technique will benefit you most.