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With a boutique perspective, our team at the DeRosa Center for Facial Plastic Surgery and Facial Aesthetics proudly provides individualized care to all women who visit our Newbury Street location in Boston’s beautiful Back Bay. Led by double board-certified female plastic surgeon Dr. Jaimie DeRosa, our practice specializes in all aspects of facial plastic surgery, including rhinoplasty, revision rhinoplasty, laser hair removal, mini facelifts, eyelid lifts, browlifts, and an array of other specialized facial procedures. Dr. DeRosa takes a "listen-first" consultation approach. She specifically takes pride in understanding the challenges that women face and wants you to be as open and as comfortable as possible when you visit for the first time. Dr. DeRosa strives for relationships that show compassion and sensitivity towards female patients and goes beyond what women might typically expect from healthcare. When you decide to see us, we will work closely with you to understand your goals and create the best treatment plan to address your concerns, put your mind at ease, and give you a stunning look. To provide comprehensive care and services to all women, our team also includes a Harvard-trained, board-certified anesthesiologist physician, a nurse practitioner, an aesthetic nurse, and an expert aesthetician to help you meet your aesthetic and skin care goals.

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As a leading facial plastic surgeon based in both Boston and Palm Beach, Dr. DeRosa is frequently featured in the media as an expert consultant on a wide range of facial plastic surgery & skin care topics. 

Dr. DeRosa is a regular contributor to media outlets looking to educate their audiences about topics related to facial plastic surgery and aging surgery. With extensive experience and a distinguished career, she is sought after by top national and international publications to discuss the latest facial plastic surgery trends and skin care treatments.

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Meet Dr. Jaimie DeRosa

Founder and Lead Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Jaimie DeRosa is a double board-certified female facial plastic surgeon and is the lead doctor at the DeRosa Center for Facial Plastic Surgery and Facial Aesthetics in Boston, MA. She specializes in facial plastic surgery and aging surgery, including rhinoplasties (both primary and revision), mini facelifts, laser hair removal, lip lifts, neck liposuction, and chin augmentation. Her facility is also one of the few practices in the city of Boston that has an on-site, QUAD A-certified surgical center. With years of experience and extensive education, Dr. DeRosa can help patients of our Boston med spa attain natural-looking results. Dr. DeRosa's experience is complemented by her excellent bedside manner and her ability to patiently listen to your aesthetic goals and concerns. 

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Located off the beautiful Newbury Street in Boston, MA, the DeRosa Center for Facial Plastic Surgery & Med Spa specializes in surgical and nonsurgical procedures and skin care treatments for the face, including rhinoplasty, laser hair removal, mini facelifts, IPL, and microneedling. When it comes to performing facial surgeries, our double board-certified doctor has a conservative approach and strives to help patients achieve beautiful, natural-looking results. Additionally, our office is one of the few practices in Boston that has an on-site, QUAD A-certified surgical center. 

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With over 50 years of combined experience in medical grade aesthetics, the DeRosa Center’s Med Spa, led by double board certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Jaimie DeRosa MD, will help tailor your facial treatment and skin care regimen to address your individual concerns. All of our facial treatments are customized to suit your skin concerns including acne, anti-aging, pigmentation, melasma, sun damage, redness, and sensitive skin.

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We offer an upscale but approachable experience for our patients. At our Boston med spa, we have an on-site, QUAD A-accredited surgical center for a private and stress-free experience. Our surgical suite has a spacious operating room with state-of-the-art technology, a comfortable recovery room, and minor treatment rooms. Before your procedure, patients can relax in our modern, chic waiting room. 

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"Great office, perfect attention and care"



"Just had FANTASTIC facial and IPL session with Steven! True Master of his art never disappoints. Will do it again and highly recommend it!"



"Amazing experience!!!!!!! Stephen is absolutely amazing!!"



"My experience at DeRosa Center Plastic Surgery was excellent from start to finish. I had revision work done on my nose - to correct some old problems that have bothered me since 1974, when I had my original rhinoplasty surgery. Surgeon, Dr. Jaimie DeRosa is the best of the best. She did amazing work on my nose, giving me the nose I've always wanted. She was able to lower the tip and make my nose smaller and more delicate looking. And not only is Dr. DeRosa a top notch surgeon, but she is a wonderful, kind, and caring person as well. I cannot say enough about Dr. DeRosa! She and her entire staff are beyond amazing!!"



"Dr. DeRosa, Thank you for your compassion and understanding. It touched me deeply. I appreciate your kindness and generosity, it was a wonderful thing to experience. May it all come back to you a hundredfold."


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