The DeRosa Clinic | What to Expect During Your Facial Rejuvenation Procedure

Here's what you can expect during your facial rejuvenation.


What to expect on the day of your facial rejuvenation procedure:

All facial rejuvenation procedures such as facelifts at the DeRosa Center are performed with intravenous anesthesia, also known as twilight sleep sedation or dissociative anesthesia.

On the day of your facial rejuvenation procedure, be it facelift, necklift, or skin resurfacing, you will meet our board certified, Harvard-trained anesthesiologist M.D. who will explain all aspects of your upcoming experience. Our anesthesiologist will go over you and your family's medical history, and prior anesthetics or surgeries you may have had, any allergies you may have, and will provide you with an opportunity to ask questions.

After the interview, you'll be invited into our procedure room, where your surgery will take place. You will be offered a warm bed, and will be provided with extra oxygen to breathe, typically through a small device that's called a nasal cannula that's placed near your nose. Your anesthesiologist will also place a small intravenous line into your arm and will administer IV medicines to keep you relaxed and happy. Your vital signs will also be monitored throughout your facial plastic surgery, and your anesthesiologist will be present in the procedure room.

Please do not hesitate to contact the DeRosa Center Plastic Surgery and Med Spa if you have any questions about your anesthesia.