DeRosa Clinic | How Long Does It Take Heal After Rhinoplasty?

There are a few stages to the healing process for rhinoplasty. The first stage to be completed is the nasal cast and stitches. When you have a nose job, a protective cast is put on your nose. This is typically ready to come off about a week after surgery, as described above. The next stage to complete is the swelling, and when you have rhinoplasty surgery the nose typically swells a lot. This should resolve itself in about four to six weeks after surgery for most patients, however people who have complicated revision rhinoplasty and/or who have very thick skin should expect the swelling to go down more slowly. After about 3 months, the initial swelling has resolved, and we often take photos to see the changes that have occurred from surgery. And the final stage, the stage in which we have a sense of the final outcome, is usual about one year after surgery. And, at that time we can take the “post-operative” photos. While 12 months can be considered a long time, it is important to note that the changes you are making in your nose are a life-long solution to what has usually been a life-long problem for you. The proper investment in healing time is worth the wait.