DeRosa Clinic Earlobe Repair Boston

Do you have earring holes that have stretched or have torn? Did you wear gauges and now want to close the holes? Earlobe repair could be for you. This procedure can be done in-office, and you can typically go back to work the same day. Earlobe(s) that have stretched or torn piercings can be fixed, allowing you to wear pierced earrings at a later date. Earring holes can stretch for many reasons such as damage by children pulling on your earrings, sports, from wearing too heavy of an earring or wearing gauges which stretch the earlobes. With the increase in popularity of gauge earrings, earlobe repair is also becoming more popular and more frequently requested. We have seen great results fixing over-stretched earlobes after wearing gauges. Earlobe repair can also be used to remove any ear piercing that is no longer desired.