What Causes A Dorsal Hump Nose?

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Too much bone or cartilage on the bridge of the nose is called a nasal dorsal hump. Double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jaimie DeRosa frequently meets with patients who are not satisfied with the appearance of their dorsal hump or the overall shape of their nose. The goal of DeRosa Center Facial Plastic Surgery & Med Spa is to create a more balanced appearance through plastic surgery.

So, what causes a dorsal hump, and how is rhinoplasty surgery performed? If you are interested in dorsal hump removal, schedule a rhinoplasty in Boston, MA. Our professionals know how to create a proportionate look and natural-looking results.

What causes a dorsal hump?

Most people recognize the appearance of a dorsal hump. This bump is the slope from the bridge to the tip of the nose. A pronounced dorsal hump consists mostly of cartilage and can affect your overall profile. In fact, a dorsal hump is most noticeable when viewed from the side of the face.

So, what causes a dorsal hump? Most dorsal humps are inherited through genetics. So, if your parents or siblings have a large dorsal hump, you may have one too. They can also be the result of a traumatic physical injury, such as a car accident. A dorsal hump forms if the bone or cartilage heals unevenly. Regardless of why a person has a dorsal hump, it can still be corrected through comprehensive rhinoplasty in Boston, MA.

About dorsal hump removal

Everybody’s nose shape and size are different, and dorsal humps are no exception. This is why Dr. DeRosa creates a custom rhinoplasty procedure for each patient. Our surgical plans begin with a consultation, which gives you the opportunity to explain your needs and cosmetic goals. Some patients prefer dramatic changes to their nose, while others only want simple and subtle adjustments. An assessment also allows us to explain the surgical and recovery process in detail.

Dorsal hump surgery and recovery

Dorsal hump removal requires general anesthesia in a surgical setting. Dr. DeRosa makes a small incision to access the bone and cartilage just beneath the skin. We take careful measures to ensure the area is as straight and symmetrical as possible. Once the nose reshaping is complete, we close the area with special sutures. Our team then prepares patients for successful healing at home.

Recovering from dorsal hump surgery involves some swelling that can be alleviated with prescription medications. Patients can also apply cool compresses to help with any pain or discomfort. Remember to follow all post-surgery instructions so healing can occur as seamlessly as possible. While the results may not seem ideal at first, the final outcomes are shown once the initial inflammation goes down.

Dorsal hump removal in Boston

Whether you inherited your dorsal hump through genetics or developed one through injury, DeRosa Center Facial Plastic Surgery & Med Spa can provide real solutions to correct your appearance. If you are interested in discovering the benefits of rhinoplasty in Boston, MA, meet with Dr. Jaimie DeRosa or one of our trusted professionals today. We can improve your confidence through personalized treatment.