Life Changing Positive Experience Told by a DeRosa Center Rhinoplasty Patient

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For people who are unsatisfied with the shape of their nose, the thought of having a nose job may have been in the back of their mind for years. Over time, looking at before pictures on the internet, weighing the cost of a nose job and looking for doctors in the area occurs. The final stage is making a personal commitment and telling family and friends for support. But what happens when the people closest to you disagree with your decision to have a nose job?

As a double-board certified facial plastic surgeon I see a lot of people coming into my office on Newbury Street in Boston with anxiety regarding acceptance of their choices by friends and relatives.

Often people will come in with questions regarding postoperative discomfort and the ability to breathe fully after a nose job. Some people also have expressed their apprehension about changing their whole authenticity after the procedure. For other patients, the biggest concern on their mind is the cost of a nose job.

While all these rhinoplasty concerns are valid, there are ways to deal with them constructively and effectively.

• First off, there is very little, if any postoperative pain. The nose tends to be numb for a while after surgery, and instead of mild pain, people describe a feeling of pressure that can be relieved using the over-the-counter pain medication, acetaminophen.

• Although initially patients will tell me that they feel like they’re stuffy and have a cold, nasal breathing may actually become better after a rhinoplasty: by straightening out the nasal septum and supporting the nose, the nasal passages become clear and more open.

• Although cost is a factor for a rhinoplasty, it can be diffused with a payment plan that is available through our office and when it comes to “authenticity” appearance-enhancing nose job done right may become a life changing experience on a positive way.  I repeatedly hear my patients tell me after their rhinoplasty that they feel like themselves and forgot what their “old nose” looked like, as they feel like they could have been born with their “new nose”.

I hear many stories of people looking extensively for the most experienced and skilled facial plastic surgeon to entrust their nose to. Currently there are only a few facial plastic surgeons who specialize in nose jobs in the Boston area and even fewer who are double board certified-an indication of extensive formal and surgical training.

Now that you have some of your questions answered, we hope you will consider the DeRosa Center for Plastic Surgery for your nose job procedure. With many decades of experience and thousands of nose jobs performed, you are in good hands!

Here is one DeRosa Center for Plastic Surgery patient’s journey, who summarizes it all so well. As a rhinoplasty specialist, I live and work to make success stories like this happen more often:


“Throughout my adolescence, I always hated the bump on my nose. Others in my life discouraged me from feeling this way, telling me that it “gave me character,” or “made me exotic.” Many more claimed not to notice it at all. When I began informing my family and friends that I was considering rhinoplasty, comments that were once meant to validate my self-esteem took on a more aggressive tone. People told me that I was “wasting my money,” that I “didn’t need to have a perfect nose,” and that I wasn’t focusing on what was “truly important.” The comment that surprised me the most was when a close friend expressed concerns that I was “destroying my authenticity.”

For anyone else considering plastic surgery who has received backlash from family and friends I want to make three things clear:

1) Your authenticity is not an external quality. It is a function of how you act, and the things you are passionate about. These aspects of your personality are not compromised when your nose is augmented by a surgeon any more than they would be if your nose was taken off by an errant baseball.

2) We live in a society where the average person is prone to spend thousands of dollars on orthodonture, not to mention other “unnecessary” things that are meant to enhance appearance such as hair styling/removal, cosmetics, and expensive clothing. There is no conceptual difference between people spending money on these things and spending money on plastic surgery.

3) At the end of the day, it does not matter what other people think of your body. It is you who looks in the mirror every morning, not them. Therefore, it is important that you choose your look it in accordance with what you need to be happy and confident, not what others think you need. If your body is your temple, then you have every right in the world to change the wallpaper.

After many months of self-doubt, I finally decided to go through with my rhinoplasty. Dr. Jaimie DeRosa was incredibly kind and understanding through the entire process and made me feel completely at ease. Now that I have my new nose, I could not be happier with the outcome. Though few other people in my life have noticed a significant difference, I notice it, and that is all that matters.”