Improve the Appearance of a Deviated Septum with Rhinoplasty Surgery

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A deviated septum is technically an abnormality — like asymmetry or crookedness — of the septum, which is an internal nasal structure. However, some cases of deviated septum can affect the outward appearance of the nose, leaving patients feeling self-conscious and compromising overall facial balance and harmony. Fortunately, rhinoplasty surgery can often help to correct not only the functional symptoms of a deviated septum but it can also be used to straighten a crooked nose and improve many of the other classic cosmetic concerns with septal deviation. At The DeRosa Center in Boston, MA, double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jaimie DeRosa has extensive skill and experience in even the most complex nasal surgeries — including rhinoplasty and septoplasty — and is dedicated to helping patients achieve their physical and aesthetic goals in overcoming a deviated septum.

Does a deviated septum change the appearance of your nose?

In patients with a mildly deviated septum, the outward shape and contour of the nose may appear relatively normal with only mild, if any, asymmetry. In more severe cases, however, patients with a deviated septum may have pronounced asymmetry of the nasal bridge, a crooked nose overall, and even asymmetric nostrils.

Will rhinoplasty for deviated septum change the shape of the nose?

Technically speaking, deviated septum repair only involves manipulation of the internal structures of the nose and is performed primarily to reduce functional nuisances associated with a deviated septum, such as difficulty breathing, snoring, and others. However, repairing a deviated septum and straightening out internal nasal passages often results in an aesthetic improvement in the shape, symmetry, and other characteristics of the nose. In many cases, patients who require septoplasty for a deviated septum are also interested in making cosmetic improvements to their nose simultaneously, in which case Dr. DeRosa will formulate a personalized rhinoplasty treatment plan that combines both functional rhinoplasty techniques and cosmetic rhinoplasty strategies for optimal results.

Will I breathe better after having my deviated septum repaired?

One of the most frustrating symptoms of a deviated septum is difficulty breathing comfortably through the nose due to obstructed or narrowed nasal passages caused by a crooked septum. By straightening out the septum with nasal surgery, patients often enjoy an improvement in many of their functional nasal concerns, such as:

  • Difficulty breathing through the nose
  • Obstructed nasal breathing
  • Trouble breathing during exercise and physical activity
  • Snoring
  • Sleep apnea
  • Whistling in the nose

Additionally, patients may enjoy the added benefit of a straighter, more symmetric, and overall more attractive nose after having their deviated septum repaired. Again, however, the results that may be possible for you will depend on a number of individual factors, including the severity of your septal deviation, the type of rhinoplasty performed, and others. If you have aesthetic or functional concerns about your crooked nose — or both —don't hesitate to reach out to our caring team to learn more about your options for nose surgery in Boston, MA.

Get double the perks so you can look and feel your best with deviated septum repair in Boston, MA

If your crooked nose is causing breathing problems, making you self-conscious about your appearance, or both, you may be excited to learn more about the dramatic transformations that can be achieved with advanced nasal surgery. Take the first step toward finally getting the nose you've always wanted by calling The DeRosa Center to schedule your private consultation for Boston, MA rhinoplasty surgery with double board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Jaimie DeRosa today.