How Does A Mid-Facelift and Mini Facelift Differ?

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A facelift is a wonderful opportunity to turn back the clock and appear more youthful. But deciding to get one can be tricky because many kinds of facelift procedures are available. Maybe you have some sagging in the cheeks or only experience minor signs of aging. Whether you choose a mid-facelift or mini facelift, DeRosa Center Facial Plastic Surgery & Med Spa can walk you through the process.

So, how does a mid-facelift work, and what is a mini facelift? Double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jaimie DeRosa can explain these concepts and more when you come in for a consultation. As one of the top facial plastic surgeons in Boston, MA, we can make recommendations based on your needs and goals. Contact a member of our team to discover your many facial rejuvenation options.

How does a mid-facelift work?

As men and women enter middle age, they may notice some loss of volume and hanging skin in the middle of their faces. The areas just below the eyes appear hollow, making the underlying bone more visible. Just like the name implies, a mid-facelift allows people to lift and tighten tissues in these areas. This is in contrast to traditional facelift surgery, which normally focuses on the lower half of the face. DeRosa Center Facial Plastic Surgery & Med Spa can perform an examination and see whether this is the right choice for you.

What is a mini facelift?

Some people aren’t ready for traditional facelift surgery, which is considered more invasive and comes with extended recovery times. So, what is a mini facelift? A mini facelift is perfect for patients with only minor concerns about their facial features. For example, this procedure is excellent for treating fine lines and wrinkles near the mouth and chin. A skilled facial plastic surgeon in Boston can recommend a mini facelift for patients who want to prevent signs of aging before they become too obvious.

Which surgery should I choose?

Aging affects everyone in different ways. Fine lines, creases, hollow areas, and sagging skin can make social events seem embarrassing or even frustrating. It can feel impossible trying to choose which facelift procedure works best for your features. This is why Dr. DeRosa is pleased to offer a range of facelift surgery options at our clinic. Our team can also tailor your procedure based on your needs.

There are factors we take into consideration when choosing the right method of facial rejuvenation. Dr. DeRosa examines the overall elasticity of your skin, the bagginess of the cheeks, and the intended results we hope to achieve. It is also important for patients to be in good general health before surgery. If we believe you could benefit from other techniques, such as a traditional facelift or liquid facelift, we may describe those in detail as well.

Learn your facial rejuvenation options

There are multiple types of facelifts, so determining which procedure is best for you can be challenging. DeRosa Center Facial Plastic Surgery & Med Spa helps patients make the right decisions for their appearance and health. Learn about our advanced mid-facelift or mini facelift by scheduling an appointment with Dr. Jaimie DeRosa, a facial plastic surgeon in Boston, MA. We can examine the many benefits together.