Can Rhinoplasty Change the Shape of the Nostrils?

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If you're like many people, the first thing you may think of when it comes to rhinoplasty surgery is reducing the overall size of the nose or smoothing out a prominent nasal hump. While these are certainly popular reasons for rhinoplasty surgery, there are a number of additional improvements that can be made with the procedure as well. Among these is reshaping and/or resizing the nostrils — whether to address asymmetry or another concern. At The DeRosa Center in Boston, MA, double board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Jaimie DeRosa specializes in facial and nasal surgeries, including rhinoplasty. Here, you'll learn more about rhinoplasty surgery for nostril reshaping, how it works, and what results may be possible for you.

Does a nose job include the nostrils?

With every patient's nasal anatomy, personal concerns and goals, and other factors being unique, Dr. DeRosa takes great care to fully customize each rhinoplasty surgical plan to help meet each person's needs. While some patients may be primarily concerned about a bump in the nasal bridge or the width of the nose — which wouldn't necessarily involve the nostrils — other men, women, and teen rhinoplasty patients may wish to improve the size, shape, symmetry, or another characteristic of the nostrils specifically. In these cases, Dr. DeRosa will develop a personalized rhinoplasty plan that includes specialized techniques to address and improve the nostrils.

Why would rhinoplasty include the nostrils?

Dr. DeRosa and our caring team understand that every individual's goals and feelings about their nose are extremely personal, and we work closely with patients to determine how nose surgery can best help them achieve their ideal outcome. There is a variety of reasons why a nose job may involve the nostrils, including:

  • Nostrils are too big
  • Nostrils are too small
  • One nostril is bigger than the other (asymmetric nostrils)
  • Small nostrils make it difficult to breathe
  • Nostrils always look flared
  • Nostrils appear too open
  • Nostrils are upturned ("pig nose")

How can rhinoplasty help my nostril shape?

Based on your nostril shape, size, and other cosmetic and/or functional concerns, Dr. DeRosa will formulate a comprehensive surgical plan to address any abnormalities. The specific approach and technique used during rhinoplasty surgery for the nostrils will vary but may include the reduction and/or grafting of bone, tissue, cartilage, and other structures. Combining her surgical skill and precision, experience, knowledge, and artistry, Dr. DeRosa is committed to helping patients achieve a more desirable look, improved breathing, and other enhancements that boost their comfort, confidence, and overall quality of life.

Will rhinoplasty results last forever?

Although the natural aging process will not stop and subtle changes may occur over time, the primary results of rhinoplasty surgery can last for decades or even indefinitely in some cases. To boost your chances of maintaining your nostril shape and other improvements made during a nose job, be sure to adhere to a healthy lifestyle, follow your surgeon's post-operative instructions closely, and refrain from smoking and drug use.

Don't let your nostrils interfere with your comfort or confidence any longer. Consider a Boston, MA nose job to feel like your best self

Whether your nostrils are making it difficult to breathe freely or you're embarrassed about large or asymmetric nostrils, you may be a candidate for rhinoplasty surgery. Take the first step toward finally addressing and correcting your nasal complaints by calling The DeRosa Center to schedule your private consultation for rhinoplasty surgery in Boston, MA with double board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Jaimie DeRosa today.