Can a Facelift Address Brow and Forehead Wrinkles?

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Because the aging process affects everyone differently, not all patients will benefit from the same type of facelift. However, there are certainly some classic signs and symptoms of facial aging that many men and women develop, for which facelift surgery may be a suitable and effective solution. At The DeRosa Center in Boston, MA, double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jaimie DeRosa specializes in the complex and personalized techniques required for facial rejuvenation surgery, tailoring each procedure to match the individual patient's anatomy, needs, goals, and more. If you are one of the many men or women whose primary goals for facelift surgery include smoothing out forehead or brow wrinkles, keep reading to learn whether a facelift may be right for you.

When is it time to start thinking about a facelift?

With the many different types of facelifts available today, patients of almost any age can — and often are — considered candidates for facelift surgery. Even patients in their 30s may turn to a mini facelift or an isolated procedure, like an eyelid lift, to address targeted concerns and "get ahead" of the aging process, while full facelift surgery is usually reserved for patients in their 60s or older who have more pronounced signs of facial aging. Regardless of your age, we encourage you to contact us to learn more about how facial enhancement surgery can help preserve or restore the youthful look you desire. Some of the most popular types of facelift surgery include:

Does a facelift include the forehead?

Again, because every person's anatomy, skin elasticity, goals, and other factors are unique, each facelift is personalized with those variables in mind. A common concern for patients of almost all ages is the visibility of lines and wrinkles on the forehead or brow. While a traditional (full) facelift typically focuses on the lower two-thirds of the face, the procedure can absolutely be customized to include a brow lift, forehead lift, or even cosmetic injectables — like wrinkle relaxers — to address concerns on the upper face and help patients achieve a more complete and harmonious transformation overall.

Should I get a facelift or BOTOX® for my forehead wrinkles?

Generally speaking, patients with brow lines that are dynamic in nature — meaning those caused by muscle movements and facial expressions — often benefit from injectable wrinkle relaxers, like BOTOX, to temporarily smooth out their forehead wrinkles. Men and women with deeper-set, static brow lines, drooping brows, a heavy brow, and similar concerns may be better suited to a forehead lift, on the other hand. Following a thorough consultation and evaluation, Dr. DeRosa will recommend the treatment option that is most appropriate for you. In many cases, patients can achieve the most compelling results from a combination of facial rejuvenation surgery and cosmetic injectables.

Soften your look and virtually turn back the clock with customized facelift surgery in Boston, MA

Whether you're bothered by lines on your forehead alone or more widespread signs of facial aging, a personalized facial enhancement treatment plan can help you to look and feel more like your confident, youthful self once again. Discover the exciting possibilities of facelift surgery today by calling The DeRosa Center to schedule your private consultation with Boston, MA double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jaimie DeRosa, and start your journey toward getting the refreshed and radiant look you deserve.