Buyer Beware-- why to buy skincare products at your doctor's office or med spa.

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The DeRosa Center has always prided itself a great deal on caring for our patients.  Regardless of why you’re coming to see us, it may be for Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery, Injectables, Skin Care Services, or perhaps just coming in to purchase a skin care product.

 We carry several Medical Grade skin care lines.  You may ask “what’s a medical grade product”?

Medical grade skin care products are specially formulated to contain a higher purity of active ingredients.  They are highly concentrated and have a better quality, which makes them more effective and often at an affordable price. 

When purchasing skin care products here at the DeRosa Center Med Spa, you are receiving a quality product that is fresh and kept in a temperature controlled environment.  AND the products are closely monitored regarding their expiration dates.

 There are a lot of online companies from which one can purchase medical grade skin care.  Many of these sources are beauty companies or large 3rd party vendors that sell everything at a discount so “buyer beware”.

When these companies advertise your favorite product at a discount or on sale…it certainly is appealing isn’t it?  We ALL love a good deal, but do you ever wonder “how fresh is that product” or is it the “real deal”? Hmmm?

Many of these large online companies have warehouses that are bigger than a football field. They carry millions of products, so it can be difficult for them to keep track of each and every products' expiration date, or keep it stable in the right temperature.

Did you know if a product is kept at the wrong temperature it can spoil? 

Even if the expiration date is still good. 

So when you purchase a product through one of these companies, you could possibly end up developing a rash, acne, or some other kind of unpleasant reaction.  Now was that worth getting it at a discount?  I don't think so.

Another unfortunate thing that can happen when purchasing a product online is, although the packaging is correct, its actual contents may be something else. 

Should you contact the online company to complain they may say “oh it’s a new formula” when in reality it’s not,   It could be nothing but emulsified wax.

After all, your skin is an investment.  Only trust your skin to licensed professionals at reputable medical practices for purchasing, such as the DeRosa Center Med Spa.

Come and visit us at The DeRosa Center for Facial Plastic Surgery and Med Spa for a skin consultation from one of our licensed experts. 

Or call us and we can send you the products you need!