At What Age Can Rhinoplasty Be Performed? Dr. Jaimie DeRosa explains....

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Many patients ask me if there an ideal age for a nose job.  In truth, rhinoplasty is a simple procedure that has no upper age limit for people in good health.  At the lower age limit, a teenager’s nose needs to finish growing before he or she can have surgery. Typically, for girls this is by 15 or 16, and for boys it is about 16 or 17.  There is no universal perfect age for rhinoplasty.  It depends entirely on the individual.

“Emotional maturity is a huge factor in deciding whether or not a teenager is ready for rhinoplasty.” — Dr. Jaimie DeRosa

Rhinoplasty is the most popular aesthetic surgery procedure among teenagers. Dr. DeRosa works closely with her teen patients and their parents to ensure that everyone understands the implications of the surgery. It’s important that the teen knows the risks and benefits of the surgery and has the psychological maturity to handle the experience.

It’s also critical that each patient has appropriate and realistic expectations for the surgery. Dr. DeRosa has sophisticated imaging technology that allows her to create an “after” image of the anticipated results that will help the patient “see” what his or her final result may be. Bringing the nose into proportion with the rest of the face can have a very positive impact on a teen’s confidence and overall quality of life.

“DeRosa took a lot of time explaining to Isabelle what rhinoplasty and recovery would be like and described the results we could expect. It’s not uncommon for teenagers to be uncomfortable in their newly grown bodies, so I appreciated her careful discussion about whether Isabelle was comfortable with her overall appearance and body, or whether her nose was a very specific issue. She wanted to make sure that Isabelle was emotionally and physically mature enough for such a procedure. Dr. DeRosa even suggested that we might want to wait a bit, and then come back for a second consultation after really thinking it over.”

(Excerpt from article, “Why I Paid For My Teenager’s Nose Job”) 

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