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A VI Peel® is a minimally-invasive chemical peel. Done on its own or in a series, this peel will dramatically improve your skin’s tone, texture and clarity. Peeling typically lasts 3 to 5 days.
















What can I expect from a VI Peel®?

Before any skin care regimen, Master Aesthetician Steven Giannetta will carefully examine your skin and assess your needs and goals before recommending a specific treatment. The following variations of the VI Peel® might be recommended:

VI Peel®  Precision Plus:

A higher concentration of the VI Peel with added ingredients, great for when your skin needs a boost, especially when trying to break up stubborn pigmentation.

VI Peel Purify®  

Available to treat acne-prone skin, this medium-depth peel is applied to the skin after cleansing and degreasing.

More about VI Peels®

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  • Before-VI Peel
    After-VI Peel
    Before VI Peel After

Image Source: VI Aesthetics

  • Before-VI Peel
    After-VI Peel
    Before VI Peel After

Image Source: VI Aesthetics

  • Before-VI Peel
    After-VI Peel
    Before VI Peel After

Image Source: VI Aesthetics


How Does a VI Peel® Feel?

A VI Peel® treatment tingles only slightly for the first few seconds before a numbing effect sets in. The solution is continuously applied to the skin until the remainder of the peel is used up, applying a single light layer right under the eye and to the brow bone at the end. This process takes about 10 minutes.

What Happens When I Leave the Office?

The VI Peel® is self-neutralizing, meaning it is left on your skin when you leave the office. The skin can look slightly flushed and sometimes has a light yellow undertone from the Vitamin C. You are sent home with a post-peel kit including detailed instructions, a post-peel protectant (moisturizer), sunscreen, cleanser, and 3 post-peel towelletes to be applied the first and second night. 

When Will the Peel Begin?

Peeling begins after 48 hours, starting around the mouth on day 3 working toward the outer edges of the face and down the neck over the next 4 days. The full process is complete on day 7.

What Should I Avoid After Treatment?

It is advised to avoid heavy sweating during the initial peeling process. This peel is well known for its dramatic effects in brightening the skin, lightening sun spots, reducing acne and acne scarring. The peel is safe enough to be repeated in a series every 2-4 weeks, then maintaining once or twice a year.

Who Should Not Get a VI Peel®?

Anyone who is 1) pregnant or nursing or 2) has an allergy to aspirin should not get a VI Peel®.

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