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Rhinoplasty is an aesthetic treatment that enhances the shape and size of the nose. It can help repair a functional or breathing issue in many patients. Dr. DeRosa has many years of experience using a conservative approach, which helps create soft and natural results. Even though rhinoplasty consists of delicate changes, patients usually see dramatic results.

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If you find yourself frustrated with the size and shape of your nose and you have specific features you wish to enhance or repair, rhinoplasty is usually a good solution. Maintaining realistic expectations, while enhancing the shape of your nose, most people in good health are candidates for Rhinoplasty. We recommend making sure your facial growth and maturity are complete. During your consultation, we will address this aspect, especially for adolescents.

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Cosmetic nose surgery is performed while the patient is under IV sedation or general anesthesia and is in most cases an outpatient surgery. Rhinoplasty has varying surgical techniques, depending on your aesthetic goals and concerns. We perform rhinoplasty using either an open or closed technique. The objective during surgery is to reduce excess bone, cartilage, and tissue, or to build and increase cartilage if necessary for reconstruction. During the surgery, we reposition nasal features and drape the skin over the newly enhanced framework. We position stitches either on top of the nose or within the natural external crease.

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How much does rhinoplasty cost?
The cost of nose reshaping surgery varies based on the technique used and the complexity of the procedure. Before estimating costs, we will listen to your needs and goals, then create a custom treatment plan. After creating your plan, we can go over costs for the facility, anesthesia, and more. For your best results, it's better to focus on selecting an experienced surgeon instead of the lowest cost. To help make your surgery easier to afford, DeRosa Center Facial Plastic Surgery & Med Spa accepts several payment methods, and we can help you find low-interest medical financing.

What about ethnic rhinoplasty?
Ethnic rhinoplasty focuses on improving the appearance of the nose while still maintaining your cultural identity. This is often a concern if you are Asian, African-American, or Middle Eastern. During your consultation with us, please discuss what nasal features you like and dislike. This will allow us to customize your treatment plan so you get the best results.

Can I combine nose surgery with other facial surgeries?
Some patients consider combining rhinoplasty with another procedure, like cheek or chin augmentation. For dramatic results, we can discuss combining surgeries during your consultation. Once we understand your goals, we can help you decide what procedures to include in your custom plan. Nose reshaping surgery can help make your whole face appear more balanced so you should wait to see your results before considering another procedure.

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